Weber Presents: Command of the Grill: A Salute to Steak: A Collection of Recipes to Benefit Charities that Support Marines

buy the bookIt all started over a burger and a beer.

Two Weber colleagues, Susan and John, stopped for dinner at Chumley’s, the legendary bar and restaurant in New York City, after working a long day at a trade show. Susan’s daughter was tending tables at Chumley’s and warned her mother that “things might get a little nuts,” since it was Fleet Week. (Fleet Week is the annual event in which Navy, Coast Guard, and visiting ships from around the world dock in harbors of New York. Thousands of sailors and Marines file off the boats in a steady stream and flood the streets of New York City. It’s a time when the fine young men and women who protect our country can relax and have some fun, and the city welcomes them with open arms.) Sure enough, halfway through their meal, a very large group of Marines descended on the bar. Within minutes Chumley’s was packed.

Over the course of the evening, Susan and John had the great pleasure of meeting a high-ranking general who is not only an inspirational patriot, but also a self-avowed grilling fanatic. They immediately bonded over a shared passion for our country and a good grilled steak. The General recounted stories of how Marines under his command used grilling as an outlet to relax and de-stress from their very demanding — and often dangerous — jobs.

Susan and John suggested that perhaps there was something Weber could do to support the troops, like holding a big grill-off during Fleet Week 2006. The General suggested a meeting with the officers who facilitate Marine participation in Fleet Week, who they soon met to discuss the merit of the idea.

The meeting spawned a big idea: hold a series of grilling competitions on Marine Corps installations around the country with a big-bang final competition during Fleet Week 2006. And, since Weber had published several best-selling cookbooks, they decided to use the recipes gathered from the competition to create a cookbook produced and sold by Weber with all proceeds going to charities that support Marines and their families.

With the help of many dedicated people within the US Marine Corps New York City Public Affairs Office and the local PAO and Marine Corps Community Services staffs, Weber was holding grilling competitions at Marine Corps installations by late summer. In total just under 100 men and women squared off over charcoal grills in competitions held at 10 Marine installations across the country.

Their recipes were delicious and their personal stories engaging. Weber and its partners are happy to be able to bring them to you in this book. We’re also happy to share recipes from some notable former Marines like Ed McMahon and Lee Trevino, who, when they learned of this fundraiser, generously offered up their own grilled recipes to support the cause.

Read about the very important charities. Then buy the book online. Then tell your friends and family about the book. Every cent of the $10 purchase price of the book will go to support these charities. Together, we are working to raise $500,000 for these four charities.

Thank you for your support. The work these charities are doing is truly worthy of a salute.